Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taste Test...

Okay, so I hesitated in starting a whole new blog page because I have spent years building my other one titled, "Seasons of Life" ( However, it's a new season, I am a newly married woman, I have a new name, and well...things have changed! Since the beginning of 2012, the Lord has given our family a phrase for the year, "It's a whole new way of living." The idea, is WHOLENESS in every way.

My goal in writing this blog is to document this new season of living in OUR lives together specifically regarding a drastic change in our diet. I want to write about different recipes, ideas, natural medicines, whole foods that have the right kind of benefits for your body, and how we are feeling through this process. We decided to do a little taste test for, instead of one time, 3 months! Why not? Let's try this thing out and see how we feel.

Some people could look at it as a fast and I'm not discrediting those. Fasts are good, but imagine a whole lifestyle where we are eating the right kinds of foods and in doing so healing our bodies to the degree that we wouldn't need to detox all the junk. There would be no junk found! This is my dream. Would you be willing to dream with me a little?

God desires wholeness in every way. We don't have to wait for Jesus' return to get it. He said, "You have the keys, now go!" He wants us to be whole in body, mind, and spirit! With that as our mindset, we are on this amazing journey to discover this wholeness Jesus said we have access to. So, you are welcome to join us and we hope that you are encouraged along the way!

We don't desire for this to be another fad or popular idea, but we want to know the secrets to health God's way. Therefore, we are beginning with the body! Let me tell ya, I have always been a very healthy eater but as a few months of "settling" has crept in as it does with so many young married couples, we have picked up some bad eating habits. It's time for the old things to pass away and for the new to come so here we are! We will be posting pictures and other things as well when I can, so here is our first beginning post to this journey!

The beginning: over the past few months, I have definitely had a few health concerns as well as my husband, and it got me thinking, "There has to be a change FOR real." We ran out of our Juice Plus and with a limited budget just didn't have the money for it at the time. We started noticing both Andrew and I were tired more than usual and just didn't feel up to par. 

A few weeks ago, Andrew was researching on different diet books we could possibly do. We even purchased "The 17 Day Diet" which was what everyone told us to buy at the time. It seemed to be a popular diet that a lot of our friends had seen great benefits from. However, I still questioned, "Is there an even better way?" Well, a few weeks after purchasing that book, we stumbled upon a website link that talked about a book called "The China Study." The book was about plant based diets which was basically encouraging the Vegan lifestyle.

I know what you are thinking if you eat meat, "What the heck? No way!" Yeah, that was our reaction too, however, we started doing more research and discovered so many good statistics of having a plant based diet. In this book "The China Study" it talks about how eating the right kind and enough plants in our diet can help with heart disease, diabetes, bringing more oxygen into our bodies with Chlorophyll, healing arthritis, as well as MANY other amazing benefits. Granted, we are still considering being 75% Vegan and every once in awhile eating meat if we are going to splurge, but we need to know where it's coming from!

I had a conversation with a good friend the other day and she was saying, "You know, we research so much before we shop for products that we want, yet, when it comes to food, we take whatever we can get and shove it into our bodies." Thought provoking yes? These are the mindsets that we need to change and it helps to do life God's way. So we are in process of continuing to read "The China Study" and have also discovered another interesting read titled "Healing With Whole Foods" written by Paul Pitchford. It shows you all the benefits of plants, herbs, spices, and anything you can think of. It has an index of anything you need help with such as "how to cleanse your liver" or  "Benefits of beets in your body." It's an amazing resource.

Today we are also very excited because we got a steal of a deal on a brand new Vitamix on Craig's List. We had the favor of God from a woman in West Palm Beach and she sold it to us for an amazing deal! We were so grateful! This is an amazing machine that turns any veggies or fruit into an amazing juice, smoothie, or soup! They are great because you can put whole veggies or fruit in without peeling and you get all of the vitamins in tact to drink, as opposed to juicers, which throw out a lot of good vitamins from the food. Right now, keep this in mind, "pay now, or pay later." Good reminder.

We will keep you updated on where we end up shopping for produce to find the best deals. We are still on the hunt to find Local Organic Farmer's Markets, hopefully, those which are not involved with Monsanto (hard to find these days). We are expectant and know that God is granting us more wisdom as we endeavor to get healthier. I will leave you with this quote from Beni Johnson that struck a chord in my heart a few days ago. It was a word she gave to the church: "It's time to get well because God wants you in for the long haul because a great harvest is coming!" It's time to get ready! Life in the Kingdom of Heaven is way more fun anyway. Please check out our pictures below of what we have documented so far. Blessings!

                                   Our new Vitamix!

                       This was our new purchase today! God gave us favor!

 There have been many statistics that this is good for oxidizing the body. It is a good pick me up  throughout the day. Just a 1/2 a teaspoon a little bit through the day and you're good!

                        Organic pizza with rice cheese and fresh basil!