Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Only A Season

This is a repost from my previous blog, "Seasons of Life" and it was written in July of 2011:

In times of transition, we can lose our footing. It's almost like God lets us lose ourselves that we would find ourselves all over again. Some seasons you can become comfortable and there is an ease and a familiarity in it all.

Those seasons are almost like a sense of home where you can come and just rest. You know where all the bathrooms are located. You know where all the dishes are in the kitchen, including the cleaning supplies and trash bags. You know the junk drawers well and even exactly how long the junk has been in there!

Yet, in transition, your identity can be tested. The questions can rummage through your mind of: "Who am I really?" You don't know where anything is. You've never even seen this place before.

It's uncomfortable and, at times, your heart can't even comprehend what is actually happening. You feel like you're going crazy or, better yet, you think it's the devil. However, most of the time, it's God shaking what can be shaken in your heart so only He can remain. He shakes the things we are trying to identify ourselves with that are not of Him.

He will tear us down to build us back up. He has been known to do this all throughout the Bible and He's really good at it. I love the quote that Kristine Mueller sings: "Redemption is so much better than perfection." These words have riveted straight through my heart because God is not about us being perfect in our own strife, but redeeming us from ourselves! 

He wants to break us down that He can remake us. He wants to take away everything we have relied upon to make ourselves perfect in our own strength. He desires for only His fingerprints to remain that we would see His power.

Yes, we know the truth is that we have been made new in Christ. Yet, it didn't stop at salvation. No. He continues to make us new more and more everyday! He continues to strip off the old man making us more like Him!

So, as I speak to myself and you, take heart! If you are in a transitional season, this means there is movement. Movement means there is LIFE happening and it's happening all around you! It's time to rejoice for joy comes in the morning. Change is challenging but being made more into His image? Why not? Though it be painful at the time, it truly is worth it. Be encouraged, it's just a season.

My Only Hope

From the moment I awake at the break of dawn and morning dew, the snares are set for my entrapment. 
My only option is to run into You.
My only hope is the washing of Your Word over my mind and my heart. 
I cannot pretend to be free from your Presence and secure in my own flesh.
I cannot attempt to live this life on my own.
You have been my refuge even when I didn't know I needed a haven.
You have been my Light when I couldn't see that I was in the dark.
There is no other choice.
There is no other response but to choose You.
In my weakness, I see my need for You.
But oh Lord, let me see my need before my fault lays before me.
Let me see my need for You when I feel strong.
May I abide in Your love all the days of my life.
May I never escape Your truth over my heart.
May I always seek to find my salvation in You.
My only hope is in You.