Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Were Made To Simply Live

I was having a discussion with my friend today. We had the privilege of connecting over coffee and tea, chatting about our lives. It was a face to face discussion and eye to eye. We didn't connect through social media, texting, or email where it was impersonal but we had a very personal connection. How are we missing this as a culture today? We have quick access to any kind of information and knowledge at the swipe of a finger on a phone. Who would have thought this over thirty years ago? It's all so amazing really and who knows where technology will be in five years from now. However, I feel we are losing simplicity and, in fact, feeling closer to people than we really are. To me, it seems like a false sense of intimacy.

I am not telling you to delete every single one of your social network accounts or anything like that, but I am saying that we need to learn how to slow our minds down and simplify our lives regarding relationships. Jesus invested in twelve men. He didn't have one thousand close friends knowing about everything in His life. I love posting pictures. I love letting people know what is going on and I believe that the Lord is powerfully using social media to draw people unto Himself through many different articles, pictures, and testimonies. However, what is made less and less sacred about our lives and relationships? When are our brains becoming overstimulated?

Our minds were not made to be constantly bombarded with information. The Lord actually calls us to rest in Him. In Him, we can have peace in our minds, bodies, and spirits. I have been meditating on the idea of wholeness in body, soul, and spirit. How many diseases are people facing due to stress and the "on the go" lifestyles? What would happen if we could just sit down for awhile and let our minds and bodies rest? I believe that we would be more awake, would have less sicknesses, and would be able to live in the way were are called to.

A healthy lifestyle is about putting good things into your bodies, getting your spirits in tune with the Holy Spirit, exercising, and eliminating stress in your life. Sometimes, there are stressors we are not even aware of. These can be things such as text messaging, reading any kind of media on our phone, watching videos, twitter, email, instagram, etc. We are basically on call all the time and available to anyone at any time. No wonder we are stressed out! What is the solution? Where are the boundaries? Are the boundaries important and necessary for a healthy life?

This is my quest. This is my journey. It's not just enough that I don't watch TV and I'm off of Facebook. Although, let me just tell you, I do not miss either of them. I don't need to know what over a thousand people are doing today. Yet, what else is taking my time and distracting me from just sitting down to rest my mind? I believe if we sat, rested, and let the Lord minister to us instead of doing all the talking, we could actually start to feel like a whole person. This is what God has called us to. So join me in de-stressing the lifestyle. What are the things you don't need in your life or toxic relationships you are involved in? We are called to greater things and to be whole and healthy! We were made to simply live.